Step 3 – Find NZB Files

This page explains ezNZB’s “Step 3 – Acquire an NZB File” screen. You can ask a question down at the bottom of the page.

Click here to download a sample NZB file, which you can use to test any of our NZB programs such as ezNZB and SuperNZB. The sample NZB links to a public-domain MP3 file. Save it to your desktop so that you can easily locate it when you are ready to import it into ezNZB.

Keep reading to learn how to find real NZB files.

NZB files can be created by anybody, but in practice, you will probably be acquiring your NZBs from web sites that index the Usenet newsgroups. You can go to any one of these sites, search for the file you want, and then download the NZB file for it.

The NZB sites all have a different look-and-feel, however you only need to locate the search feature, and then the “Make NZB File” button.

Continue with our list of NZB websites page.