Download yEnc Files with ezGroups

ezGroups automatically decodes yEnc files. You don’t have to do anything beyond going to your favorite newsgroup and clicking on the file that you want.

Many older Usenet news-reader programs don’t support yEnc, which is now used on almost all large files posted to Usenet. If you are still using an older news-reader, then you are missing out on a vast number of files. Download ezGroups and see what you have been missing!

Download for Windows 7, Vista & XP
Download for Mac OS X

Most posters today will encode their files with yEnc, and then compress them with RAR. They will post PAR files to correct any download errors that may occur in the RARs. An older news-reader program like Outlook Express is completely clueless to this entire process, but ezGroups will simplify it all for you.