ezGroups – Setup Newsgroups

You can add and remove newsgroups via this window. The groups shown in the list at the left are the groups that show up in the drop-down menu at the top of the main ezGroups window.

Name Box: Enter a name for the newsgroup here. This can be anything.

Group Name Box: If you know the name of the newsgroup, you can just type it in here. If not, click the Select button to see a list of the newsgroups available on your Usenet server.

Keep in mind that ezGroups is a file downloader. If you add regular discussion groups here, the program will probably not find any files for you to download within them. To read discussion groups, use our free NewzToolz program.

The groups that you add here should almost always begin with “alt.binaries.” The term “binaries” just means “files”. Other newsgroups contain text posts, and are for discussions only.