ezGroups – Debug Mode

This option is located on the Setup Menu.

When this option is turned on, ezGroups will create a log file for everything it does, including communication with your Usenet server, and assembling, decoding, and saving files.

If you have a problem, you can send the debug file to us for analysis. Each time you click the Download button, ezGroups creates a new Downloader. If Debug Mode is on, each Downloader will create a debug file in the ezGroups folder. The first one will be named “ezGroups-Debug1.txt”, the next, “ezGroups-Debug2.txt”, etc. ezGroups will also create a debug file as it searches. You can throw these files away when you are done with them.

The debug files are created in the same folder as the program on the Mac. On Windows, go onto the Help menu, and use the Open App Data Folder command.

Note: Existing Downloader windows will not log their activity if you turn on debug-mode while they are open. However, if you need to switch debug-mode on in the middle of a download, you can stop the Downloader, shut down ezGroups, and then restart the program. Your Downloader window will then be re-opened, and it will get the debug message.