SuperNZB – Error Handling

SuperNZB’s error-handling options are located at:

Setup Menu > Settings > Error Handling

When a server is having a technical problem, it can go cuckoo bananas and return errors very fast: SuperNZB asks for a post, the server says it doesn’t have it, SuperNZB asks for another post, the server says it doesn’t have it, etc. This will cause SuperNZB to “race ahead,” which isn’t fatal, but makes the downloading process messy.

As SuperNZB downloads, it stores parts in the Parts folder. When it has them all, it combines the parts into the finished file and then deletes the parts. If it is racing ahead and getting parts here and there, the number of part files can grow very large, and that can become a pain when you are downloading a lot of large files.

So the idea behind these controls is to temporarily turn off a server connection and give it a chance to come to its senses. In reality, a “server” is often a group of computers ganged together by software that makes them look like one computer. So, it is possible for one of the computers to be re-booting while the “server” still appears to be up and running. If the re-booting computer is the one that has the post SuperNZB is trying to get, the “server” will return errors until it is back on line.

Servers will also “expire” older posts without warning. So, it is possible for SuperNZB to download some posts from a server and suddenly not be able to get any more. In this case, the server will return 430 errors. (When choosing NZB files, you should prefer newer ones.) So, if one server does not have the remaining posts, or won’t cough them up for whatever reason, it is best to suspend it while the other servers do the work.