DupeNuker Help Page

The current version of DupeNuker is v3.0.2. This version is compatible with all versions of NewzScape, and JpegJet v2.0 and higher.

Notes for Mac users

If your browser cannot download DupeNuker, use Apple’s Safari browser. Not all browsers know what to do with a DMG file.

The Mac version of DupeNuker is a “universal binary” that works on newer Intel-based Macs and older PowerPC-based Macs.

How to Use DupeNuker with any
Newsgroup-Downloading Program

  1. Go to DupeNuker’s “Find Dupes” tab, and click the “Process a Batch of Files” button.
  2. Use the “Load Batch” button to load in your first folder of files.
  3. Check for dupes within the batch with the “Find Dupes in Batch” button.
  4. Delete any duplicate files you find.
  5. Click the “Add to Fingerprints DB” button.
  6. Load in your next folder of files.
  7. Click the “Find Dupes in Fingerprints DB” button.
  8. Go back to step 4 and keep going until you finish processing all of your files.

Now there is a fingerprint for every one of your files in DupeNuker’s database. Each time you download a new batch of files, load them into DupeNuker, check them against its database, and then add them to the database.

How to Use DupeNuker with
NewzScape or JpegJet

You do not have to register DupeNuker to use it with NewzScape or JpegJet. If you have registered DupeNuker, then you can use the method in the section above to load your files into the database. If you have not registered DupeNuker, then use the “Import Only” tab to load in all of your files.

Once your files are in DupeNuker’s database, go onto JpegJet’s or NewzScape’s Settings window and tell it to use the DupeNuker.sdb database file instead of its own FingerPrints.sdb file.

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