DupeNuker Batch Processing

Instructions for DupeNuker’s Batch Processing Window

Load Batch – will add to the list all the files in the folder you select and any folders within that folder.

Find Dupes in Batch – will identify duplicate files only within the batch. It will not compare them to the Fingerprints database.

Find Dupes in Fingerprints DB – will identify files that match files previously added to the database.

Open File – will display the selected file. You can also double-click on it in the list to view it.

Open Match – will open the duplicate file if the one you select is a duplicate. Then you can eyeball them to satisfy yourself that they are the same.

Scroll to Match – will scroll the list to the duplicate file if the one selected in the list is a duplicate. Then you may want to delete it.

Clear Batch – removes all the files in the list. It does not affect your files.

Clear Selected – removes only the selected files in the list.

Delete Selected – will move the selected files into the trash.

Add to Fingerprints DB – will add all of the files to the database if they are not already present. To only add some files, clear the un-wanted ones first.