unPoster – PAR File Processing

The unPoster’s PAR window will be automatically opened and started by the Downloader when it has finished downloading PAR files.

You can also use the PAR window in “stand-alone” mode to process PAR files that you have downloaded with other programs. To do so, follow the instructions on this page.

2 Responses to “unPoster – PAR File Processing”

  1. Mechanic says:

    How do I STOP .Rar files from processing automatically?
    I have been a .Rar registered owner for years and know how to use the WinRar application. Automatic .Rar processing extracts files without folders.
    I prefer to unRar myself.

    Please advise,

  2. admin says:


    Before clicking “Start” on the unPoster’s Downloader, right-click on the filenames at the bottom of the window, to the right of “PAR:” and “RAR:”. You will get a pop-up menu, where have a “Clear” option. If you clear the RAR filename, the unPoster will not unRAR.


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