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90 Responses to “Support”

  1. Tom Engelen says:

    I lost my registration code for SuperNzb.

    I purchased it on

    2010-08-30 – SuperNZB_For_Windows

    Can you help?


    Tom Engelen

  2. admin says:


    I just sent it, so it should be in your email box.


  3. Anthony Rose says:

    More feedback. SVF files. I now use these often. The reason is if you close/quit Unision, 99% of the time, it will corrupt the files in transfer, and these files are not repaired by par2.

    I would love to be able to right click .sfv and say open with NZB. But alas, .sfv is not a registered extension for the program and wont let me.

    I would love to be able to open these files without having to open Supernzb first.

  4. Donna Jordan says:

    Why has no one answered my question about my registration key?

  5. admin says:

    Donna Jordan,

    A response was sent to your email address yesterday. Please check the spam folder in your email program.


  6. Robin Ziegler says:

    Hello, I am using supernzb on a mac pro.
    when files are decoded supernzb only uses one core of the processor. so decoding takes a lot of time. will supernzb be able to use multi cores for decoding the files in the near future?
    thank you for the answer.

  7. admin says:


    We have it on the list of new features, but since the compiler doesn’t support multiple cores (yet), it wouldn’t be easy. So, I can’t make any promises.


  8. Robert S. says:

    used the previous software to ver. 4.0.6 flawlessly for years, just upgraded to 4.0.6 and every time I try to download I get this message:

    “An exception of class Nil Object was not handled.
    The application must shut down.”

    any ideas?

  9. admin says:


    The error is probably being caused by some damage to your NewzScape.sdb database file. That could happen due to a bad spot on your hard disk, a system crash, etc. You might be able to fix it by going onto NewzScape’s “File” menu, and then to the “Compact Database File” command. That re-writes the entire database file, so give it a try.


  10. Tim says:

    Hi, same problem as Robert on my mac book. 4.0.6 seems really unstable.

    Also i got an error message on the par files “RAR can’t be extracted because no longer supported on Intel mac”

    Where can i find that NewzScape.sdb file menu? I cannot find a program called like that.

    Thank you in advance.

  11. Tim says:

    I found newzScape, but since i don’t use that (not installed on my mac) it can not have to do with the Nil Object exeption…

    any other ideas?

  12. admin says:


    There are now two different versions of SuperNZB for Mac OS X. One for older PowerPC Macs, and one for the newer Intel-based Macs. It sounds like you have the PPC version on an Intel Mac. If that is the case, go here and download the newer version:

    If you install into a new folder, the “nil object” error should go away.


  13. Dan Adams says:

    I have a copy of pixnews2000, which I registered years ago and now need the information to reactivate since my hard drive went down and I had to reformat which whiped out my registration information. I reloadec pixnews, but it stops after ten downloads and says I am not registered. Can you help me out??


    Dan Adams, Cameron, WI

  14. admin says:


    OK, I sent your key. Please check your email.


  15. v kleiza says:

    I have an rar file for which I have 99 out of 100 parts. How do I manually combine the parts to get an imperfect rar file that par can fix?

  16. admin says:

    v kleiza,

    If you are using SuperNZB, you can select the RAR file on the Queue window, and then go onto to the “Commands” menu, and then to “Force File Decode”.

    If you aren’t using SuperNZB, you can use our free NewzToolz program. Click the “Glue Files Together” button on the main window.


  17. Mark says:

    I have been using NOMP for a few years and just converted to SuperNZB. Is there an option to automatically Hold all par files other than the main PAR2 file? ie: automatically put them in the Hold window?

  18. admin says:


    Sorry, no there isn’t. Though we do have it on the list of requested features.


  19. Robert Pena says:

    How do I use the SuperNZB to open an NZB file?

  20. admin says:


    When the program stars up, click the “NZB” button. Then click the “Import” button on the “Queue” window.


  21. John says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    What should I put in my server setting? What is Techsono’s news servers settings?

  22. admin says:


    We don’t operate a Usenet server. They are far more expensive to operate than a mere website. But there are plenty of Usenet services available. Please see this page:


  23. Joseph Gaspard says:

    I lost my registration code for SuperNzb.

  24. george says:

    how do i get more recovery blocks

  25. admin says:


    It should be in your email box right now.


  26. admin says:


    Look for more PAR files. You might also get such an error message if you don’t have all the RARs. If you do have all the RARs and PARs, then you might have a bad set of files, which happens from time-to-time. These files are created by people, who sometimes make mistakes.


  27. john choate says:

    Please resend my SuperNZB reg key.

  28. admin says:


    I don’t see your email address in our database. What address did you use to order?


  29. Motisu says:


    I just started using SuperNZB v 4.0.8 and I closed the queue window. Now I can’t open it!! I go to the menu and click on file-open queue, but it opens the downloader window instead!! Can you help me to recover the window?

  30. admin says:


    That is very unusual, and I can’t explain why it is happening. However, you can revert to the default settings by doing this:

    1) Go onto SuperNZB’s “Help” menu.
    2) Go to “Open App Data Folder”.
    3) A folder should open.
    4) Shut down SuperNZB.
    5) In that folder, you should see the SuperNZB.sdb file. Delete it.
    6) Re-start SuperNZB.
    7) You will need to re-enter your server info.


  31. Colton says:

    It said that i needed to extract the archive and that i would need a password, well i got that password but i have no idea how to watch the video or where i need or needed the password and note that on supernzb it says at the bottom of the download bar “archive damaged or incomplete, what does this mean, what can i do

  32. chrism7200 says:

    I currently use SuperNZB and have lost my registration key.

    Please help.

    Thank you,

  33. james o'dwyer says:

    I have lost my key and migrated my software to a new machine.

    Please help!


  34. wayne says:

    super nzb is opening very slowly, seems to work well when it finally loads but takes 5 min to open

    • admin says:


      Go onto SuperNZB’s “Commands” menu, and then to “Open Parts Folder”. You will probably see a lot of old files in there, so throw them away. SuperNZB runs through those when it starts up. It does that in case it has been restarted in the middle of downloading an NZB; it sees what parts are already done so that it doesn’t have to download them twice. If a lot of files build up in there, it will take the program longer to start up.


  35. Luiz says:

    The electricity went out and the PC went off. When I rebooted the PC (Win7) and I start up SuperNZB I receive the following meesage “an exception of class nilobjectexception was not handled”. Then I am prompted to shut the application down, I have uninstalled and installed twice. Any Help??

    • admin says:


      Your SuperNZB.sdb database file may have been damaged. You can delete it, and SuperNZB will create a new one when you next start it up. To do so:

      1) Go onto SuperNZB’s “Help” menu.
      2) Go to “Open App Data Folder”.
      3) A folder should open.
      4) Shut down SuperNZB.
      5) In that folder, you should see the SuperNZB.sdb file. Delete it.
      6) Re-start SuperNZB.
      7) You will need to re-enter your server info.


  36. Frank says:

    So I grabbed a LOT of files, did a import folder and after over 30 minutes, almost all of them say that they could not find a filename in the file. But they all show the filename enclosed in quotes in the option that allows me to adjust the filename.
    The par2 files show up properly and the file formats look identical to me. Why is that happening.
    This obviously reduces the functionality of the program by a large amount.
    The NZBs were created by Binsearch.

    • admin says:


      I can’t say for sure without seeing a sample of one of the NZB files, but my guess is that you need to add the file type to SuperNZB’s “File Types” window.


      • Frank says:

        OK, well nevermind, you were correct, for some reason .Zip was not a filetype preloaded for retrieval??? very strange…

        • admin says:


          Maybe .zip should be a default, but we decided to leave it out since so many zip files on Usenet contain viruses. A large percentage of our users are newbies and not familiar with the dangers.


  37. Tim Murray says:

    Will Super NZB run in Mountain Lion?

  38. Frank says:

    Retiring system that has SuperNZB on it.
    1) What is the method for installing it on the new system?
    2) Or for example if I wanted to use it at work when messing around?

    Am I allowed to use one instance at at time? or does each computer need a licensed copy?

    • admin says:


      Just download and install on the new system. There is nothing special to do. You can run it on two different computers at the same time.


  39. Chris says:

    so im using Supernzb for the first time on a mac.
    i can download all the files, no problem but they dont auto extract.
    when i try to run par decoder, i get the error message “The par2 file is missing from your SuperNZB folder”

    im really confused.. i cant get anything to work.

    • admin says:


      The “par2” file is a small program that SuperNZB launches when it is time to process PAR files. So, you need to have par2 in the same folder as SuperNZB. If you have somehow lost it, go back to the SuperNZB DMG and you can copy it from there into the folder where you have SuperNZB now. You will also need the “unrar” file.


  40. shaun says:

    why does supernzb say suspended all the time ?

    • admin says:

      That could happen if a lot of parts were missing on your server. When SuperNZB gets a lot of errors, it pauses in case the server is rebooting or something, and then tries again in a few minutes.

  41. Lawrence S says:

    can’t login to usenet server-login failed.
    using ssl v2 or v3 port 563.
    am able to login with nzb drop
    don’t know why.

    • admin says:

      Lawrence S,

      Which program are you talking about? If you are using SuperNZB, try using the “Test News Server” tool on the “Help” menu.


  42. kiran says:

    when i try to drag files out of the download folder onto my desktop or another folder, it creates an alias of the file in question. it doesn’t transfer the actual file. any help or suggestions on this?


  43. Robert Gardner says:

    I have ezGroups and do not have the key.

    • admin says:


      I don’t see your email address in our customer database. Please email the address that you might have used to order, and your street address.


  44. Scott C says:

    I have been using your program for several years and love it.

    I have a cable modem connection at 50mbps. I am limited for 100gb a month after that it costs $0.50 a GB, but from 12:00am to 8:00am that is off peek and doesn’t count against it.

    I am wondering if it would be possible in the next version of SuperNZB to have a clock to set when the downloading can occur.

    Start Downloading at 12:00am
    Stop Downloading at 8:00am For Example

    Option for Weekdays, Weekends or Every Day.


    Scott C.

  45. Robert Slot says:

    I just purchased Super nzb to downloadfilms. But the download speed is 25% of what i am used to. Normally I download (with newsbin download). Now i use super nzb on my macbook. How can i improve the speed? I already have a fast modem (time capsule from apple).
    BR Robert Slot

  46. Ralph de Pagter says:

    Hi, Yesterday I registered (bought myself a Key) and today I had to fill in my news server setting again and register again. Why?

    • admin says:


      That could happen if you ran the program from the DMG where SuperNZB would not be able to store your key. Did you do that? If not, where did you drag the SuperNZB folder to on your hard disk?


  47. christian says:

    could please send a key i have lost mine.thanks

    • admin says:

      I don’t see your name or email address in our customer database. If you might have registered with another name, such as a business, please send us the info.

  48. vgallis says:

    I can’t find the key I bought a couple of years ago, and SuperNZB can’t seem to find it either. Everything was working fine until the update. If you don’t find it with the provided email address, let me know, and I’ll send you the other. Thanks.

  49. Jennifer says:

    Hello: I enjoy your program very much, but as of yesterday, my download window is no longer appearing, even after going to the file menu and clicking on open download window. I updated the program to the most current version (I am running Windows 7) but the problem still continues. Any advice?
    Thank you

  50. Patrick Crone says:


    I have been a customer for several years…. and today I am getting an error
    when I start the program and click on NZB…. The error reads “An exception
    of class NilObjectException was not handled. The application must be shut down.

    I re-installed the program with no joy!!! Can you help me???


    Patrick Crone

    • admin says:

      Your SuperNZB.sdb database file may have been damaged. You can delete it, and SuperNZB will create a new one when you next start it up. To do so:

      1) Go onto SuperNZB’s “Help” menu.
      2) Go to “Open App Data Folder”.
      3) A folder should open.
      4) Shut down SuperNZB.
      5) In that folder, you should see the SuperNZB.sdb file. Delete it.
      6) Re-start SuperNZB.
      7) You will need to re-enter your server info.

  51. Blake Stewart says:

    Hi I got a new laptop and lost my registration key.

    purchased on 28th october 2013 through paypal

    can you help?

    Thanks Blake

  52. RoyBoy says:

    Question about Super NZB:
    Great program, its the first NZB dloader I have tried. I might have missed this option in your menus but how can I have it NOT par check & auto un-rar after the download ? I would like a little control over that, is there an option somewhere for that ?

  53. Simon Casey says:

    Hi There

    i have Windows 8, super nzb takes about 5-10 mins for files to be added from newznab+
    is there anything i can do?

  54. Steve Bowen says:

    Watchfast got deleted. How do I reinstall it? Do I need to log in first?

  55. Manny Maldonado says:

    In your about box it states:
    “Purveyors of fine, hand-tooled software since 1897”

    Is that a typo, or a private joke?
    Just curious.

  56. Ernest Tredenick says:

    Good morning. I have had to replace the laptop on which I downloaded Supernzb
    I still have my registration key, will it work when I download supernzb to my new laptop which is running Windows 10?

    Please advise my next steps.

  57. R Faircloth says:

    I just bought SuperNZB but I gave you the wrong email address. Can you please change it to this one?

  58. Jon Juhlin says:

    I downloaded supernzb and eznzb on a Mac Pro running macOS Sierra. The installation seemed pretty straightforward but neither program would run. Attempting to launch either program resulted in a “can’t create database file”. I’m not sure how to deal with that error.

    I removed both programs from the computer. I’ll try again but what should I be doing differently.

    • Matt says:


      To fix this problem, click on the SuperNZB app, copy it, and then paste it into another folder. Remove the original file, and copy-and-paste the new one back into the SuperNZB folder.

      This is just a weird thing the Mac does sometimes.


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