SuperNZB-64 is the 64-bit version of our flagship SuperNZB app, which is 32-bit.

Download SuperNZB-64 for Windows 10
Download SuperNZB-64 for macOS

SuperNZB-64 v1.0.0 has been tested on Windows 10 and macOS Sierra, but should work on other 64-bit versions of Windows and OS X. This version was released on November 14, 2016.

You need a 64-bit computer to run SuperNZB-64, but don’t worry, if you bought your computer during the past few years, it is probably 64-bit. Click here to find out if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit.

SuperNZB-64 is about twice as fast, though performance varies depending upon the speed of your computer, internet connection, and Usenet server. For example, if you have a fast computer and a slow internet connection, you might not see much difference. But if you have a fast connection, you should see a sizeable difference. Let’s look at an example:

This test was run on a Windows 10 system downloading a 7.57gb NZB file over a 16Mbps internet connection.

SuperNZB 32-bit speed: 2:22:10
SuperNZB 64-bit speed: 1:35:33

So, that’s 47 minutes faster, or 67%. (This test included downloading, PARing, and RARing.)

In this particular case, no PAR repair was needed. But if it were, the speed difference would have been much greater. To test it, we removed one of the RAR files, and then used SuperNZB’s PAR window to restore it:

SuperNZB 32-bit speed: 00:12:58
SuperNZB 64-bit speed: 00:05:57

So, that’s more than twice as fast.

RAR processing is only a little bit faster because it is disk intensive.

When starting the Mac version, you might get this series of error messages:

Can't create SuperNZB-64.sqlite database file.
An error occurred in App.CreateDatabase.
Can't open SuperNZB-64.sqlite database file.

To fix it, click on the SuperNZB app, copy it, and then paste it into another folder. Remove the original file, and copy-and-paste the new one back into the SuperNZB folder. This is just a weird thing the Mac does sometimes.

Since the first version of SuperNZB was released eleven years ago on January 13, 2006, we have released 33 free upgrades. However, this version is not free unless you are a recent buyer (see below). While the app’s interface is the same, re-engineering it to 64-bit required major surgery, and a lot of tricky coding. So, we do need to charge for it. You can order the Windows version on this page, and the Mac version on this page.

If you bought SuperNZB after January 1, 2016, send an email to the address at the bottom of the support page, and we will send you a free key.

The Windows version of SuperNZB-64 doesn’t have an icon, or a “parent window” to corral all of the app’s windows. These features have not yet been implemented in the Xojo programming language for 64-bit builds, and there are no workarounds. So, we have to wait for Xojo, Inc. to make the fixes before we can do anything.

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