SuperNZB – RAR Decoder

SuperNZB’s RAR Decoder can be opened via the Open RAR Decoder command on the File Menu.

Purpose: SuperNZB will automatically open this window when it has finished downloading an NZB that contains RAR and PAR files. You can also use this window to extract files from RAR archives that you have downloaded with other programs.

In most cases, SuperNZB will do everything automatically, and all you will need to do is close this window when it finishes extracting the files.

To manually extract files, click the Select RAR File button and choose a file. You may also drag-and-drop a RAR file from your desktop onto this button to trigger it.

As the program processes the RAR archive segments, it will list them on the left side of the window. On the right side, it will list the files it has pulled out of the archive. There can be one, or many. Watch the status line at the bottom of the window to see when it finished.

If you have PAR files, you should apply them first with the PAR Decoder.

This program cannot process archives that have passwords.

Inside the SuperNZB folder you will see a program called UnRar.exe on Windows, and unrar on the Mac. SuperNZB will launch this program to do the heavy lifting. If you close SuperNZB in the middle of a large RAR job, the unrar program will still be running and you may want to kill it off. You can do that by using the Task Manager on Windows, and the Activity Monitor on the Mac. If you are handy at the command line, you can also use the unrar program from there.

7 Responses to “SuperNZB – RAR Decoder”

  1. Alicia says:

    Hi there,

    I can’t extract a rar file through superNZB. I just downloaded the file today. The application says unrar is not a part of the folder, but it is. How can I fix this?

  2. Trent Fifth says:

    I download a file and i try to extract but cant exract !

  3. Trent Fifth says:


  4. bob says:

    can you have the rar decoder not automatic extract files

    • Matt says:

      Yes. If the “RAR Job Manager” window is open the program will not automatically unRAR. You don’t have to set anything on it; just open it and leave it there.

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