Step 2 – Test Server

This page explains ezNZB’s “Step 2 – Test Your Server Connection” screen. You can ask a question at the bottom of the page.

If you have entered your server information on the “Step 1” screen, go ahead and click the “Test” button. You only need to do this after entering/changing your server info. You do not need to connect to the server here before downloading a new NZB file.

If you don’t get the “Connected to Server” message, there are several possibilities as to the cause:

  1. You have a typo in the server URL, username, or password.
  2. You have the wrong port number entered.
  3. You have the right port number, but the wrong SSL setting.
  4. Your server account has been disabled due to non-payment or a rules violation.

If you can’t see any obvious problems, call your service provider and go over your account info with them. Some ISP’s will actually re-arrange their Usenet setup and not notify their customers. So, it is possible for things to stop working without you changing anything in your setup.

Also, many companies don’t automatically pick up new expiration dates on your credit card, and will just stop billing you and shut off your account. So, if you recently got a new card in the mail, that could be the problem.

You can send us a transcript of the dialog between ezNZB and the server, and maybe we can spot the problem. To do that, go onto ezNZB’s “Help” menu, and then to “Test News Server“. Click the “Connect” button, and you will see some text appear in the box. Copy-and-Paste that into the reply box at the bottom of this page, and we will take a look at it.

21 Responses to “Step 2 – Test Server”

  1. Mike says:

    i can”t figure out for the life of me how to get to the dowloading part of this whole thing. I use to use usenet before with the manager and everything. But the manager didn’t download with everthting else like last time.

  2. admin says:


    I don’t know the “manager” that you are referring to, but if you go through ezNZB’s steps, you will eventually get to the downloading part. If you tell me exactly where you are stuck, I can tell you what to do next.


  3. Dianne Roeker says:

    Sorry to be a pain but I can’t get past step 1 on the beginner menu. Supernews uses ports 119, 80 or 23. I do not think they use SSL at all. They use NNTP. I tried all three ports with SSL off and then on. Nothing happens. If you can help great, if not don’t worry I will keep looking and asking questions and being a pain to some other people. Thank you for your time. Dianne

  4. admin says:


    All Usenet servers use NNTP. SSL is something that can be added on top of NNTP. Supernews should work with Port 119 and SSL turned off. Did you get any error message at all? What server URL are you using?


  5. Dave says:

    Hi, have entered my details in step 1 all are correct, pressed the test button on step 2 and it just says connecting to but isn’t connecting and there are no error messages.
    Whats gone wrong? I setup my usenetserver account about 45 minutes ago.

  6. admin says:


    Their server is online, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Have you tried the suggestion in the last paragraph of the article above?


  7. Dave says:

    Hi, this is the message I get –
    For commands that return more than one line of data, such as the Help command, make sure to wait for the dot on a line by itself, which indicates that the server is done sending data.

    –>Connecting to
    without SSL…

    Any ideas?

  8. admin says:

    What do you have for your Port and SSL settings on the Step 1 screen?

    Try 119 and “off”.

  9. alex says:

    i now try to get trought step 2 of ezNBZ. In Step one i entered the correct username and password i got. Url is the correct website url where i got my log on data from. If i press Test in step 2 nothin´happens. Can you help me?

  10. admin says:


    That could happen if you used “www” instead of “news”. Usenet servers almost always have URLs that begin with “news”. Does yours? It should look something like this:


  11. david says:

    is the server that we have to type in the step 1 just the URL of the site from wich i downloaded my nzb file? if so why does not work?

  12. William says:

    I am receiving the following error message:

    For commands that return more than one line of data, such as the Help command, make sure to wait for the dot on a line by itself, which indicates that the server is done sending data.

    –>Connecting to without SSL…

    I am using Port 119 and SSL is off. I am using a VPN (HMA).

    Thank you for your help.

    • admin says:

      So, it just sits there and never connects? Can it connect without the VPN? Even if you have your username/password entered wrong, you should still get the following message:

      200 Welcome! (fed16.iad)

      So, try it without the VPN, and if that doesn’t work, try to reboot your computer, modem, and router.


  13. Denis says:

    can’t connect to server-simply get message connecting to news.newshosting .com with port 119 and SSL off -any suggestions?

  14. AtomSpy says:

    –>Connecting to without SSL…
    201 NNRP Service Ready – support(at) (no posting).

    –>Sending username…
    381 PASS required

    –>Sending password…
    502 Access denied to your node – support(at)

    what is this?

  15. Jon J says:

    My news server is working and can be accessed with Xnews on windows XP and Unison on Mac.

    I configured supernzp to use port 119 per recommendaton and port 0 (the way it is configured in Xnews). The results are the same.

    I press ‘connect’ and the button chnages to ‘disconnect’ suggesting that I am connected. But here is what is displayed in test server window. Am I connected or what?

    –>Connecting to without SSL…
    200 News.GigaNews.Com

    –>Sending username…
    381 more authentication required

    –>Sending password…
    281 News.GigaNews.Com

    503 time out

    e a

    When I go to downloader window there does not seem to be a way to navigate to the various newsgroups. When I go to ‘queue’ window and press import it just opens a window tha lets me navigate my hard drive. So I downloaded a nzb file from the newsgroup using Xnews and trited decoding

    I get an error which I am unable to cut/paste saying that supernzb was unable to extract a filename. I’m in over my head. I don’t really know anything about the file I downloaded. I just downloaded one at random.

    I’ll read more in the help screens but I still don’t know how to connect and browse the usenet server. Supernzp has the ‘disconnect’ button highlighed. Am I connected? if so how can I navigate to somewhere other than my own hard drive.

  16. Matt says:

    It looks like you were connected okay, but then got disconnected for inactivity.

    An NZB downloader does not browse newsgroups like a newsreader. Since you are new to NZB downloading, you should go through all 5-steps of this tutorial. Once you understand how ezNZB works, you can try learning SuperNZB again.

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