PAR Window

The PAR window will be automatically opened and started by ezNZB when it has finished downloading PAR files – if there are any present in your NZB file. The PAR files are used to check for errors in the other files downloaded, and then to fix any errors that are found. This is done because the Usenet newsgroups don’t have built-in error checking.

When ezNZB opens the PAR window, you don’t need to click the “Select PAR File” button. That button is there so that you can use the PAR window in “stand-alone” mode to process PAR files that you have downloaded with other programs. To do that, you would go onto ezNZB’s “File” menu, and then to “PAR Decoder” to open the PAR window. Then you could click the “Select PAR File” button, or drag-and-drop a PAR file from your desktop onto the button.

2 Responses to “PAR Window”

  1. Geoff says:

    Now that I have upgraded to Mac OSX Lion, the par decoder built into ezNZB is no longer supported by the operating system, so I get a series of error messages until I quit ezNZB.

    I can decode the par files by using MacPAR Deluxe. How do I configure ezNZB not to automatically try to decode the files?

    Thank you.

  2. admin says:


    Apple dropped their “Rosetta” backward compatibility, so you need the new versions of the “unrar” and “par2” apps that are in your ezNZB folder.

    First, download the current ezNZB DMG. Then, inside the ezNZB folder on the DMG, you will see the new unrar and par2 apps. So, all that you need to do is drag the new apps into your existing ezNZB folder, replacing the old apps.


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