Free yEnc, RAR, and PAR Decoders – NewzToolz

NewzToolz is a free program that can decode yEnc, RAR, and PAR files. NewzToolz can also combine files, that is, glue them together, contains an NZB downloader, can play slideshows, and can be used to read, and post to, Usenet newsgroups.

Download for Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP)
Version 2.0.5 – File size: 2.0mb.
No-mess install and un-install.

Download for Mac OS X
Version 2.0.5 – File size: 2.8mb.
Download with Safari. Not all browsers know what a DMG file is.

We provide this program free to draw attention to our other products.

Help Pages
The Newsreader
The RAR Decoder
The PAR Decoder
The yEnc Decoder
Glue Files Together
Read Posts
The Downloader
Incomplete Files
Pix Player
Sending a Post
Previewing Your Post
Posting Profiles
The Clear-Cache on Exit Setting
The Cross-Post Setting
Batch-Size Setting
Post Download Limit Setting
Usenet Post Headers
Setup Usenet Server
How to Post Files to Usenet Newsgroups
The Posting Log
The Posting Log Entry
Test a Usenet Server
Add Usenet Newsgroups
Download the List of Newsgroups from your Usenet Server
Add File Types
NZB Downloader

On the File menu of the NewzToolz Main window there is a “Compact Database” command. If the size of your NewzToolz.sdb database file becomes too large, you can use this command to try and make it smaller. A good time to do this is after you have downloaded a lot of message-headers with the newsreader, looked at them, and then deleted them.

If you have an older Mac with a PowerPC processor, download this version.

12 Responses to “Free yEnc, RAR, and PAR Decoders – NewzToolz”

  1. Noel says:

    Is it possible in the next version to add a button to automatically shutdown the computer after the batch is completed? This saves a lot of energy.



    BTW great program !

  2. Sue Donahue says:

    Thnx for the program. I see where if I post text to a newsgroup, my name will show because I made my profile. I just tested Posting Large Files. For example 15Mb sized Rars. I didn’t see any option to post with my Name. When I checked the Test group it says my post is from – —–
    (NewzToolz – free at

    How do I change to my name? Because people who know my posts aren’t going to trust the files I post. Thanks.

  3. Jim says:

    Hi, Ive been trying to figure out how to trick out my xbox the past 3 days. Searching all over the internet and getting all kinds of files but still not knowing exactly how to use them. Thanks to yall ive finally almost got it now. Its quite tricky though cuz no one has fully explained any of this. Ive just been kinda playing a guessing game with how to get the files to work with the xbox. Im using a flash drive to try to tranfer files to the xbox but they still arent activating on the xbox. I know its microsoft based and if anyone could help in any way i would appreciate it very much. Thanks for explaing how the rar and other files work cause it has been very helpful through this whole process. thank you all.

  4. James Falco says:

    I am trying to install this program on a different computer. I get an error when trying to download the list.

  5. Mel says:

    I’ve attempted to install the program for MAC, but I get an error saying cannot create Newstoolzsdb database file. I did use Safari to download. In most programs, when file is downloaded and you are instructed to drag the image to the HArddrive which is in the same box that opens on the screen. When box opens showing Newstoolz, there is no hard drive image to drag it to. I’ve tried it multiple times using Safari, Forefox and Google browsers. Any suggestions?

  6. Jim says:


    I need to cancel my subscription, how can I do this?

  7. Mark Shapiro says:

    I get a cannot create a database error and a database error when I open the program

  8. Mark Shapiro says:

    wow, already got a msg from support they are working on an update to fix this.

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