The NewzScape Downloader

The Downloader is the main window in NewzScape. Each Downloader makes one connection to your Usenet server, and then downloads files from each of the newsgroups you have placed on it.

You can create as many Downloaders as you want via the “Make New Downloader” command on the “Downloaders” menu. You can run as many Downloaders simultaneously as you want, provided that your Usenet server allows sufficient connections. Every ISP is different, so when in doubt, call them and ask how many connections they allow to their Usenet server.

You can run more than one Downloader at the same time on the same newsgroup. NewzScape is designed for that and will not get anything mixed up.

To the upper-left of the “Scan” button is a small button that will switch the Downloader into “Blade Mode” where it will be smaller.

The Scan button starts the download process. The “Stop Later” button will stop downloading after NewzScape saves the current post.

You can add as many newsgroups as you want to the Downloader. You can change the order in which they appear in the list by dragging-and-dropping them. NewzScape will begin downloading from the newsgroup that is selected in the list. Once it finishes that newsgroup, it will go to the next one. If you click in the “On?” column, you can turn a newsgroup off, and then back on. NewzScape will skip newsgroups while they are turned off.

NewzScape begins downloading from the very beginning of a newsgroup. If you want to change that, click the newsgroup, click the “Edit Group” button, and change the “Starting Point.”

When NewzScape downloads a picture, it will show it in the “Viewer” tab. The other tabs show status information and statistics.

The lower progress bar shows the progress of the current post being downloaded. The upper bar shows how far NewzScape has progressed through the newsgroup. If you hover the mouse over the upper bar, NewzScape will show you how many posts remain in the newsgroup on the “help tip”. Once NewzScape approaches the end of the newsgroup, instead of showing you a 99% filled bar, it will switch to “countdown mode” where it shows you only the progress through the last 1% of the newsgroup.

Halfway down the list of newsgroups and to the right is a small rectangle. That is a sizer. You can drag it to the right or left to change the size of the list and the panel of tabs.

4 Responses to “The NewzScape Downloader”

  1. Robert says:

    All the videos I download are in RAR pieces. How do I join them and make them playable in AVI, WMV or MP4?

  2. Reggie says:

    If would be really good if NewScape could save files with a name that uses the contents of the ‘Subject’ field, instead of just the filename from the posting. I now have lots of downloaded files all called ‘DSC_00nn’… (Of course, a smart filename changer would be even better… Truncating n characters from the start of the subject line, for example, or adding in the post filename at the end). I’m happy to beta test…

    • Matt says:

      I have considered that in the past, but it has its own set of problems. For example, there are often characters in the subject that are not allowed in the file system. The central problem is that there is no formatting standard for the subject field. Anybody can put anything in there, so there is no comprehensive solution to be had. However, one thing that you can do is contact posters and ask them to use a more sensible naming scheme.

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