TS Files Explained in Plain English

TS is the format used to broadcast high-definition TV. You can play TS files on your computer with VLC, which runs on many different kinds of computers and is free.

Burning TS files for playback on a DVD player is a problem. If you know of a free program that can do so, please post a comment below.

Video Redo is a Windows program that handles TS files, though we have not tested it.

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  1. Lilo says:

    DVDfab8 burns TS files to DVD format!

  2. James says:

    How to burn a .ts file for view on dvd
    Actually guys, there is no need to rename the file at all. Just download a DVD decoder for WMP and install it. Then you can watch .ts files natively in WMP. As long as you have a WMP plug in capable of DVD playback, it can also play .ts files. I use NVIDIA’s Reference Decoder and can play back .ts files in WMP beautifully. You can buy the plug in here…


  3. Jones says:

    Someone please give me a simple direct answer on this: i have video files of various formats, they are all of good quality and will play on VLC. i have tried various converters and burner programs as well as wasting money on different media. DVD+R says “not a writeable disk, DVD-R says disk not large enough, even though the disk is 4.7G and the file may only be 1.3G or so. i’ve been trying to figure this out on my own with no luck. could someone please tell me how to effectively put these files on discs so that they will play on a dvd player { .vob, .avi, .mkv ……… which one ??

    • Lewis N. Clark says:

      You must convert these types of files to the dvd format. I have had good luck doing this with a program called DVD Flick. You will then be able to burn the resulting files with a dvd burner program. You have to be patient, though. It takes my computer about 4 hours to convert these files. That’s why I switched to using a digital media player connected to my tv to play video files from an external hard drive without having to convert them. Cheers!

    • besty says:

      Xto DVD will convert anything to dvd and it works..unfortuantely
      you have to buy it..but it is worth it it does chapters all the bells and whistles
      VSO software brill, i cant remeber how many I tried B4 this.

    • Tony Kempster says:

      1; Convert all files to MPEG 2 Then use a DVD creater to create your DVD (vob files)

  4. Jafar Nazmi says:

    Try AVS video recorder or converter

  5. James Ford says:

    I would take the TS file, remux it into an MKV with mkvmerge, then run it through the free PS3 program mkv2vob. I would set the output to AVCHD [Disc].

    I would then simply burn the BDMV folder structure onto disc with ImgBurn……..

    I dont know if this would be long winded, but would work…….

  6. robert says:

    I just downloaded a freeware program called video to video v2.7
    and it converts any video format to any other video format. I just did 4 AVI movies to dvd that plays in my dvd player. You want to convert them to DVD video NTSC and it will prompt you to burn them to dvd which I did. But you have to go in to settings and put a check in the right question for it to ask you if you want to burn it to dvd after its done converting .

  7. Erik says:

    Handbrake can rip .TS files. Make sure you’re using the latest version.

  8. Niel says:

    VSO ConvertxTodvd handles .ts files, I downloaded a boxing fight and it came in .ts format.
    I added it to the list it was detected properly, it was the only .ts file and the rest were .mp4.
    I tested its playback on my DVD player and it played fine like normal like any other format.

    Hope that helps. Also in .TS I noticed in the list that the audio format was different from the others which I knew would cause buzzing from experience so I changed that and yeah it worked, keep that in mind. I always double check what I add to the list for the sound and subs etc call it OCD lol.

  9. Niel says:

    I have the full version convertxtodvd by the way.

  10. Christopher says:

    Can anyone help please?

    I have recorded programmes from my tv on to a number of USBs. But now my set puts up a unsuported format dialog box, so I can’t view my recordings. Can I transfer my ts files from my USB to my computer hard drive or do I have to partition the USB. Does this require any specialist software? If I format my USB with the data on it I would lose all my recordings.

    The team at Finlux could offer no help at all, but this seems to be quite a common problem with these sets.
    Can anyone help me?

    Thank you.

  11. dave hough says:

    use DEVEDE to convert it will convert almost any format and its free

  12. Ferdinand Van Wichelen says:

    I use with great ease the “Freemake Video Converter”

  13. joe carroll says:

    Try ConvertXtoDVD That will do the job

  14. Wombat says:

    Wondershare Video Converter will download a .ts (or any other format) file if you can give it the URL and it will write the file to DVD so you can watch it on your TV – a very useful program, albeit with the disadvantage that you have to pay for it.

  15. Allen Ginsberg says:

    I’ve seen the best minds of my generation burn DVDs. Who the hell does this anymore!?

  16. Isaac says:

    Use VLC, no fancy foolishness required. It will convert to and from this format with ease, playback running just as smooth.

  17. Dj says:

    I use WinX DVD Copy Pro to rip all my DVD movies into _TS Folder, then I use ConvertXtoDvd for burning the movies. 1 outta 100 DVD need a different program to rip but as for burning I found convertxtodvd perfect. It’s drop n play sorta deal.From the TS files I drag the main files for whichever movie to the burn page of the convertxtodvd then set the menu into 5 minute chapter or sometimes no root menu. Which starts to play when the DVD is inserted into the player. Best part is it plays on everything I’ve thrown at the movies. Clearer n crisp n unless it’s a duel disc movie then each movie is round 4 gigs per disc. In most cases it’s better than the retail copy

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