.R01 Files

File extensions: r01, r02, r03, etc. are RAR files. The original RAR-file naming convention used three-digit extensions. When a RAR archive went over 100 segments, the “r” would change to an “s”. So after blahblahblah.r99 would be blahblahblah.s00, and then blahblahblah.s01, etc.

TechSono software uses R** to denote these old RAR files.

2 Responses to “.R01 Files”

  1. glenda says:

    i start extract the rar file.. but its stuck in 1percent… what should i do?? plz help me…

  2. admin says:


    How many RAR files do you have? They usually come in a set, so if you only have one, then you probably need to find the rest of them.


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