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IMG files are “disk images” which are common on the Macintosh, but not on Windows. An IMG file contains an exact copy of every bit of a floppy disk, CD, or DVD. On the Macintosh, they can be “mounted” just as if you inserted a disk. On Windows, you need to use a program to open the IMG file. One such program is WinImage, which will extract the files from the IMG file in the same way you would extract the files from a ZIP, RAR, or StuffIt archive. Of course, if you have a Mac handy, you can copy the IMG file to the Mac, open it, copy out the files, and then copy them back to your Windows computer.

If your IMG file contains a DVD and you just want to burn it, you can save yourself some time by using ImgBurn, which can burn IMG files directly.

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  1. sidney orr says:

    “winimage” does not work – I installed it, and it doesn’t show the
    1400+ jpeg files in the IMG file nor will it populate any dirctory
    with the desired files. Free is an appropriate price for non-working

    408 596 0147

    • Musaddiq Sajjad says:

      Dear friend, imgburn software is used to write cds and dvds. You have an image file. 1st install imgburn software then write the .img file to cd or dvd. then your file will be open from cd or dvd,
      note this software will not open your file. you have a disc image file.


  2. Tamarisk says:

    The support page for this software clearly states it cannot view the contents of Macintosh images.

  3. maxum says:

    Does somebody got another program?
    It can’t burn Unix .img neither 🙁

  4. chichi99 says:

    Here is what worked for me: WINRAR

    Just put the .img file in its own folder. Extract the file using WINRAR to the same folder. You will then have an entire DVD worth of AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS files in the same folder. You can play the entire video using the player that you would normally use to play a DVD. VLC Video player is what I use and it is free.

    If you like, you can then delete the original .img and keep only the playable AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS to save space.

  5. Revup says:

    Thanks chichi99, Winrar worked well for me.

  6. PowerISO says:

    Use PowerISO. It works for EVERYTHING!!! It’s amazing!!!

    • CJ says:

      Thanks!! after hours of trying to burn the IMG file only to have it still be an IMG file…I downloaded PowerISO and it worked !!!

  7. crashed harddrive says:

    PowerISO is awesome!!!! I crashed my Lacie dubble hard drive with 2 TB in two partitions.
    I could save all the date with a program i found in the internet and produced a *.img file of the hard drive. No software could open it, even Daemon, Nero or win rar to get the data from it. And than at 4 am in the morning right bevor i want to gave up I found this website. Poweriso saved my data! love it 🙂

  8. Lynnea says:

    PowerISO added a bunch of malware to my computer, including SnapDo which I then spent the next hour removing. My internet home page is still not the same. And to top it off, it didn’t even work for me. Maybe I did something wrong, but just beware!

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