You Need to Have the Following Volume to Continue Extraction

When you try to extract the files in a RAR archive with WinRAR, and you don’t have all of the segments, it will give the error message: “You need to have the following volume to continue extraction.” WinRAR assumes that you have backed up your files onto a set of disks, so it is just asking you to put the next disk in.

In reality, you have probably downloaded the RAR files and don’t have any such disk. In any case, RAR files almost always come in bunches called an “archive”. And the individual files are called “segments”. And since you can’t easily tell how many segments there should be, people often try to extract before they have all the RARs.

So, the solution to this error message is to go back to where you got the RARs and look for the rest of them.

If for some reason you can’t find all of the segments, you may still be able to use the files you have. For example, video files are usually compressed. So, when somebody puts a video into a RAR archive, they are just doing it to chop up the video so that it is easier to handle. The RAR compression won’t be able to compress the video data further, so you may find that you can simply open the RARs with a video player and watch the video. That’s not the “right” way to do it, but it is often a useful last resort.

24 Responses to “You Need to Have the Following Volume to Continue Extraction”

  1. zartard says:

    i have a 409 mb rar file i try to extract it and it says cant reed rar file

  2. Irakli says:

    I have such problem, and when I looked into the .rar file some file has bad characters in title. Character are like : “–>” and I don’t know how to fix it

    • admin says:

      You probably need to find the rest of the RAR files in that archive. Large files are often compressed into dozens of RAR files, and you can’t decompress until you have all of them.

  3. Azfar says:

    I have a nexus.rar file.When I tried to extract the iso,it say insert a disk with this volume and press ‘ok’ to continue…I don’t know what is that mean?Please,help me

  4. Bachoman says:

    I downloaded a very large Rar, 817 mb, and it ended up being a rar with many other rars in it. It’s an iso in each rar. When i try to extract just one i get that error message, what do i do?

    • admin says:

      It’s hard to say without seeing the file. However, just because the RAR is big doesn’t mean that you have all of the segments. In fact, many RAR sets are much bigger than that. So, see if you can find more segments.

  5. Xenonthunder says:

    My problem is when I am extracting the data it keeps coming up with this very notification and asks for the disks – which like you state I don’t have. I checked and all the parts are there :S Confusing much…

  6. pRAVIN says:

    Hey I found the solution. Just right click on the archive, click extract files. When file show up click on repair archive.

    This worked for me with winrar.

    • Anon says:

      I clicked repair archive on the RAR file and nothing seems to have worked. Do you treat the file as RAR or ZIP when it asks you? I have tried both and nothing seems to have advanced and I still have no clue how to get the ISOs to work :(

  7. jyotiranjan says:

    i have downloaded all the rar files.when i tried to extract its asking for password.i searched for the password from the site where i downloaded.but could not get it.plz…help me…

  8. Hamid From Persia says:

    Dear director
    Nice job.
    I had problem with this title:”You Need to Have the Following Volume to Continue Extraction” and “asking to put the next disk in”.I attempted to troubleshooting.
    It was very simple;just one of “.rar” files had wrong number e.g. “.part 20-2.rar”
    that it must be named “.part 20.rar”,thus I correct it.
    After mentioned changing everything was solved.

  9. Kate says:

    Hey i have a windows 7 and all files i extract has password but when i type the password i searched in google it always error or corrupt the files i need to extract comes out and without a second it will disapper plzz help.

  10. manish says:

    when i extract the rar files. winrar show one file is curpt. this is very confusing please help……

  11. Andrew says:

    I figured it out in case you’re wondering. I just hit the help button on WinRar and it told me exactly what to do. Just extract all of the (name here)00-(name here)22 or whatever it goes to. Put them all in the same folder and… BAM, they’ll all have the same name. Then, seeing as most people are doing this with .ISOs, you simply take the largest one and put it in the desired place you want it to use it. That’s all it takes guys.

  12. biola says:

    its complaining about part 7 orrupt, aw can i go about it?

  13. Potato says:

    Downloaded all files,extracted and keep asking for the third part even tho i downloaded it and its on the same folder,canceled the extract to check and poof 2 parts are gone only part 2 is left there!

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