How to Unsplit Files

RAR is now the dominant method of compressing and splitting large files, but you will occasionally see files that look like this:


These are MasterSplitter files, and once you download them you need to use MasterSplitter (shareware) to put them together. If there is no “.000” file, then the file was probably split with HJSplit (freeware). The first file that HJSplit makes uses the suffix “.001”.

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  1. Nick da Costa says:

    Hi, I shot a video in 2003 and the edit software capture each clip as matching files e.g. example.avi + example.000.
    So always same name, but whatever the name there is always an .avi extension plus a matching .000 extension (always 000).

    How can I combine these so that they play in Premiere Pro?. Thanks.

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