ezGroups – Downloads Folder Options

You can control whether or not ezGroups automatically opens the Downloads folder when the Downloader finishes by checking or un-checking the Automatically Open… box.

You can control where the Downloader creates files by using the Change Location button. You can select any folder on your system and it can be named anything you like as long as the operating system will let files be created there. When you first run ezGroups, it will create a folder named “Downloads” in your ezGroups folder. That folder can be thrown away if you change the location.

2 Responses to “ezGroups – Downloads Folder Options”

  1. Maurice Fleisher says:

    I have just asked this question via another route on your site but it is pertinent to the download folder. At present graphic files are downloaded there as viewer icons. How do I change that to thumbnail pictures instead?

  2. admin says:

    If you are downloading image files, you should be able to set your folder to display thumbnails. However, that is controlled by your operating system. For example, on Windows Vista, you would go onto the “View” menu of the folder, and then to “Large Icons”.

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